Planes for sale

Over many years of studying pre industrial woodworking planes, I have experimented with making new replicas of existing planes in my collection, or in some cases where no existing examples have survived creating my own interpretaion as to what they may have been like. This has led to a small, but growing demand from fellow woodworkers to make some of these planes available for their own use.

So as time allows I will be posting any stock that are presently available for sale.

World wide shipping is available. Just email me for a quote.

 fore plane in steamed European beech, with English waulnut tote, and English boxwood strike button. 

  This is the go to plane for most of your stock conversion, and is fitted with a well cambered single iron for rapid stock removal. The overall design is based around how an early 18th century fore plane may have looked. The tote is heavily offset to allow a relaxed hand position, with your fingers laying down the side of the body. The body itself is tapered. The irons are NOS Sheffield laminated sheffield steel

        Price- £290.00 plus postage (inclusive)

  Current stock- 1 left hand, 




22" tri plane in European steamed beech, with English waulnut tote, and English boxwood strike button.

Again, this plane is based on my own interpretation of what an early 18th century tri plane may have looked like. This model is perfect for the truing up of stock after initial work with the fore plane. It also works well as a jointer.

Fitted with a vintage laminated Sheffield steel iron, and back iron.

    Price- £370.00 plus postage (inclusive)

       Current stock- 1 left hand