• Richard Arnold

A debt owed.

A huge debt owed.

People often ask me where I find all the information on 18th century planes, and their makers, and although I do a lot of my own research, mostly on line, I have to say that without the colossal amount work undertaken by two people who rarely seem to get mentioned, our knowledge of this subject would be very poor indeed. The Late Don Wing, and his wife Anne spent years researching records about early British plane makers, and all of this before the world wide web came about. Through reading their books, and long conversations at David Stanley auctions over the years, Nearly everything I know about early planes was gleaned from these two wonderful, and generous people.

So I raise a glass, and say thank you Don, and Ann, You have enriched my life, and I suspect many others as well.

PS. for those of you who are wondering, the two planes are genuine Robert Wooding's.

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