• Richard Arnold

A wanderer has returned

The long lost plough plane has returned! Many years ago I bought a random box of moulding planes on line. when they arrived I was delighted to find that one was a Robert Wooding, and the others were by his Apprentice, Thomas Phillipson. They had some beautiful branded owners marks on them that all matched "IB", "SB", and a smaller "SB" mark on the toe . I often pondered as to who these early owners were. A while later I was looking through some old David Stanley sales catalogues and spotted an early plough by John Rogers that had been sold, and lo and behold it had the same branded mark on the side. I enquired with the Stanley's as to where this plough may have ended up, and they thought it may have been sold to someone in the States, so I didn't hold out much hope that it would ever surface again. A little while later David Russell published his wonderful book that showed most of the tools in his collection, and what did I spot, another plane with the same brand. David's tools were eventually all sold at auction, so I bided my time and what turned out to be a Phillipson rebate came up for sale, and thankfully I was the winning bidder. Last year a wonderful new book was published called "the plough plane" by David R Pritchard. Imagine my delight when I spotted the Rogers plough plane I had seen in the catalogue all those years ago illustrated in the new book. I managed to contact the author and asked if he would ever consider selling the plough, and after telling him my reasons for wanting it he agreed to let me purchase it. Well, after what may be hundreds of years these old friends are at last reunited once again, unless there are any more out there?...…….

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