• Richard Arnold

Sash fillisters, and 18th century robbery

Another entry from the old Bailey records. 7th June 1764.

" Philip Evans was indicted for stealing one plane, called a sash sillaster, value 2 s. the property of Stephen Brown 's and one oil-stone , the property of Marychurch Callin , May 12 . *

Stephen Brown . I am a carpenter , and was at work in Marybone . This day month I missed a sash sillaster, from out of the buildings: the prisoner had worked with us the week before it was missed (he is a carpenter ): we suspected this man, and went to the place where he was at work, in Long-acre; there I found it upon the bench where he was at work. I asked him what he meant, by taking it? he said nothing, but offered to restore it; (Produced in court. and deposed to): he said he took it to make another by.

Marychurch Callin. I missed my oil-stone at the time the plane was missing; I found it on the prisoner's bench, in Long-acre; (produced, and deposed to): when I questioned him about taking it, he said the D - l was in him.

Edward Wade . These tools were missed this day month, in the afternoon; the prisoner worked for us, and left us the Saturday before; I went and saw the oil-stone on his bench, and the sash sillaster behind the bench. I asked him whose they were? he said the sillaster was Brown's; that he took it to make one by. I do not know what he said about the oil-stone.

Prisoner's Defence.

I took them for a week, to make a sash sillaster by it, and return them again.

Guilty . T ."

It is interesting to note that out of about 30 early sash fillisters in my collection only 23 have a makers mark. The others appear to be craftsman made.

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