• Richard Arnold

The Trio is complete!

Rebate plane by H Tomkinson.

A new addition to the collection arrived this week, and helped complete another trio of planes. This huge rebate plane is just over 16" long, and of an unusual design. It has a very continental look to it with a romanesque look to the rear grip. the iron has a back iron.

As to the maker, and Age, I am still doing research, but I am almost sure H Tomkinson will be somehow conected to a group of 18th century plane makers bearing the name of Tomkinson. I have already confermed that Samuel Tomkinson, and Leonard Tomkinson were plane makers working in London in the second half of the 18th century. All three makers seem to have specialised in producing planes that have unique and specific designs

I Suspect all three makers were related with Samuel being the eldest with perhaps the other two being sons? It has been sugested that these planes may have been made for shipwrights, but as yet I have no solid evidence for this

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